This will drastically improve your motivation.

A huge part of our motivation comes for our surroundings. This is something that sometimes goes unnoticed and most importantly unattended. Your surroundings matter. Your brain associates its environment with the memories and emotions it has experienced in them. That sounds really dramatical, I'm not saying that because you've been studying 10 hours straight on the same library table you'll never be able to sit there and have a good time again. It might not be permanent but it is definitely there when you can't stand to be in that place anymore. Pay attention to that intuition, it is telling you to get out of there!

Aside from the fact that your brain might associate some negative emotions memories with a certain place, your brain really enjoys a change in enviornment. There is new information to tae in and it gives you the sense of a clean slate. It spikes your creativity because you have a change of visuals and input going into your brain, that will process all of this in a completely different manner than it was before.

Usually when we change enviornment, we tend to go to upgrade, not downgrade. This means you'll be somewhere you enjoy more, hopefully more comfortable and at ease with the environment. This will boost your productivity and focus as you will no longer judge your environment but rather take it in.

Remember that trying out something new more motivating than the same old routine, change where you do your regular tasks and watch that motivate you!

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